FOSAMAX FOR SALE, This was a post that I intended to do the week of my birthday at the end of October. But like I mentioned earlier in the week, I've been a bad blogger, so it's coming you to almost a month late. But I still think it's relevant — or at least it's something that I want to think around, FOSAMAX for sale, so here it is:

Last month I turned THIRTY. Which would have been traumatic, except for all of the friends that showed up, flew to the Bahamas, and helped me mentally ease into the idea of a new decade. My actual thirtieth birthday however, FOSAMAX interactions, I mostly spent alone, which turned out to be a nice contrast to the craziness of the Bahamas. And I did what everyone does on major birthdays: reflect on your life, and your choices, feel grateful for the experiences you'd had thus far, and question what the future will bring, FOSAMAX FOR SALE.

Looking at a decade in review, I felt like I had something to say to me as a nineteen-year-old, Ordering FOSAMAX online, about to be twenty. I know I can't go back in time, and I can't change the decisions I made, but if I could give myself some advice about being a twenty-something, this is what I would have said:


I am what my friend Kaitlin calls "A Rule Follower." Rule Followers are those that seek out the "rules" to life, comprar en línea FOSAMAX, comprar FOSAMAX baratos, and follow them exactly, because that's the way it "should be done." We sometimes see the world as "the right way to do things" and "the wrong way to do things." If a teacher tells the class to stand in a straight line, all those kids who are goofing off are doing it wrong. Now, Online buy FOSAMAX without a prescription, there are some obvious downsides to this disposition — and being a bossy little kid is one of them. FOSAMAX FOR SALE, But there were some upsides too: rule followers tend to be straight-A students, perform well in sports, get into good colleges, and are driven to have successful careers. So for that part, I am grateful that my choices have lead me to some pretty good places or opportunities.

The thing that I regret when looking at a decade in review, is how much time I spent worrying about how things were supposed to be. You can imagine the dissolution I felt when I graduated from a great college with two degrees (honors in both), and started working at a Fortune 500 company, FOSAMAX samples, only realize that I hated it. Getting up each morning only to waste away in a cube was killing my soul slowly, and I couldn't figure out why because I had followed all the rules. I had done it "right."

I wish at twenty-two had the flexibility and independence of mind to think about what I wanted to be like instead of what was the right choice. That mindset came later, FOSAMAX used for, and I can tell you I am SO much happier being weird kid who tries to convince my husband to let me go to work in a bathing suit top, a tutu, and a Kentucky Derby hat.

So my advice to Jenni-the-twenty-something: find your inner weird, FOSAMAX FOR SALE. embrace it. take risks on things even though you don't think you'll win. there is no "right" answers anyway, FOSAMAX pics.

FOSAMAX FOR SALE, A few weeks ago I was in a bar with some girlfriends and I overheard a conversation between two twenty-year-olds that went kinda like this:

Girl One: "Oh, don't worry, I'll buy the round"
Girl Two: "Thank do you afford to do this. I'm on such a tight budget with tuition and all that...I'm so jealous you can just buy stuff!"
Girl One: "Oh, don't be jealous, I just have a ton of debt. Taking FOSAMAX, Throw that shit on a credit card and we'll figure it out later..."

I knew I was old when I wanted to run across the bar and shake that girl's brains out.

I never had a ton of debt in my early twenties, but I had it. And I learned an important lesson: DEBT BEGETS DEBT. SAVINGS BEGETS MORE SAVING, FOSAMAX FOR SALE. It may sound too simple, but it's true, FOSAMAX over the counter. When you're already in debt, and a tire blows out on your car, and you have to go further into debt to take care of it, you're snowballing. Order FOSAMAX no prescription, If you saved your money, and can handle the tire snafoo easily, you surpass all of that. Again, I know it sounds overly simple, but I'm convinced that nasty spending habits in my early twenties took me through my mid twenties to fix, order FOSAMAX from mexican pharmacy. FOSAMAX FOR SALE, And if I would have just been responsible to begin with, I would have been in a MUCH better place financially way earlier than I was.

It makes me sound old to say it, but Jenni-the-twenty-something, just save your money.


This was actually something that I did pretty good at, or at least I got lucky and fell into good friendships. The thing is, as you get older and move out of the dorms, and into adult life, making friends gets waaaaay harder, FOSAMAX photos. And there are these moments in adult life when something amazing or awful happens, like you're about to get married or a parent gets diagnosed with something terrible, FOSAMAX FOR SALE.  And you just want to talk to someone who has your context. ALL OF IT. You want someone who has known you for fifteen years, and knows what you've struggled with, Buy FOSAMAX online no prescription, or what you've over come, what you're afraid of, and can use that understand to color the nuisances of your current situation. You can't get history like that overnight, and it's worth fighting for, or  making space for, buy FOSAMAX from canada. FOSAMAX FOR SALE, So those friends you made at twenty-two who know you better than anyone — make time to see them. Go on vacations together once a year. Do update calls every month. Don't let the busyness of life get in the way of a meaningful friendship. Because there are moments when no one else will do.


Maybe this one just seems important to me because I'm in grad school where everyone has read everything that I haven't, and I constantly feel like Im playing catch up. But also, reading is this magical thing that makes you smarter, more empathetic, and generous, FOSAMAX reviews. You get a chance to put on someone else's skin and walk around in their point of view. And the more you can do that, the better human you're going to be.

Just a few FOSAMAX FOR SALE, of the books that I wish I had already read include: ALL of the Russians (Gogol, TolstoyDostoyevsky, Pushkin) Virgina Woolfe's To the Lighthouse & Mrs. Dalloway, FOSAMAX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Adrienne Rich's The Dream of a Common Language, Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises

Some of the books I was SUPER glad I read in my twenties: Nabokov's Lolita, Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment, Aristotle's Complete Works, and Plato's Republic.


This one kinda goes hand and hand with number four, and is something I still suck at. I've gotten way better at listening, but it's still a work in progress. I'll never forget when I was living overseas and one of my classmates said to me, "I feel like you've changed since you first got here, FOSAMAX FOR SALE. FOSAMAX maximum dosage, You''ve learned how to see people." I felt both amazing and like shit hearing that. Amazing because it was something I had done poorly and had fixed. But like shit because unbeknownst to me I had made people feel invisible.

The only way we see people is by listening to them. FOSAMAX FOR SALE, And not listening in the "Im waiting for you to stop talking so that I can tell you about things that I think are interesting" kind of listening. I'm talking about the engaged, asking questions and caring about the answer kind of listening, FOSAMAX mg. The kind of listening that makes you more empathetic, kinder, and more generous. The kind of listening that makes you a better human. FOSAMAX recreational, Again, this is something I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm glad that at this point in my life, I at least know it's a weakness and I can work on it, instead of being a completely oblivious jerk.


This one goes back to Point One of breaking the rules, is FOSAMAX addictive. I spent faaaaaar too much time in jobs I hated, because I felt like I had to wait until I had been there "long enough" to quit. Maybe it was that I was scared that if I left too many jobs too quickly, people would think that I was flakey. Get FOSAMAX, Or maybe I bought the lie that you have to stay in each job for 1 - 2 years. FOSAMAX FOR SALE, But that's an arbitrary lie. If your job is killing your soul quickly, quit. QUIT THAT DAY. Or if you financially can't do that because you're thinking of Point Two, and want to stay out of debt, online buying FOSAMAX hcl, START LOOKING FOR NEW JOBS THAT DAY.

My early twenties was all about figuring out that I was actually a creative person. And it took me like 3 or 4 jobs to get there, FOSAMAX FOR SALE. And I didn't find marketing and PR until I was almost twenty six because I spent so much time in those first 3 or 4 jobs because I thought I couldn't leave before I had put in my appropriate amount time. Jobs are not prison, FOSAMAX coupon, and you don't have a set sentence. And you don't owe anybody anything. If you hate it, leave and try something different.


This is another one that took me waaaaaaaay to long to figure out. In my defense, buy cheap FOSAMAX no rx, I learned that being a five foot, hundred -and-something pound pixie, sometimes the difference been passable and drunk is like half a beer. So, FOSAMAX schedule, there's not as much wiggle room as say, a grown man. But the point remains. In a lot of careers you need to be able to go out to cocktails with coworkers or your boss, and hold your booze without turning into an idiot that needs to be poured into a cab, FOSAMAX FOR SALE. I'm not saying that you can't be a drunk idiot in college or out with your best friends, but learn your limits and learn them early. (Hint: you can't drink as much as you think you can, FOSAMAX interactions. Cut the number in half, and start drinking club soda in between each cocktail).


FOSAMAX FOR SALE, This could probably be extrapolated to friends, bosses, etc. but for me it was mainly people I dated. Order FOSAMAX online c.o.d, I'm not saying that real relationships aren't hard, and you won't cry, but if you're with a person who doesn't make you feel like a million bucks, you might not be with the right person. I dated a couple forms of this: one guy that was incredibly demeaning and I honestly forgot who I was just by staying with him for too long. He would say mean things, online buying FOSAMAX, and make me think that I was fat or stupid. I didn't realize it at the time, but anyone who says mean shit to you can honestly kiss your ass, FOSAMAX FOR SALE. Another guy I dated was SUPER nice and handsome and successful, but I always felt like I was trying to get and keep his attention. We broke up, Purchase FOSAMAX online, and it turned out that he had some emotions still tied up with an ex. He's was still a nice person, but I didn't want to waste my time with someone who was unavailable.

My mom used to say to me "You want to be with someone who would swim across shark infested waters to just to bring you a glass of lemonade." And I had no idea what she was talking about until I met my kick-ass husband. FOSAMAX FOR SALE, He made space for me, and time, and made it known through his actions that I was super important to him.

So twenty-something-year-old-Jenni, if you're crying more often than you're smiling than it might not be worth hanging onto, FOSAMAX long term.


Ok ok, so some of you might think that this one is new-age-touchy-feely. But honestly one of the best things I ever did for myself was spend some time talking to a Therapist. We all have baggage, insecurities, and hurts that we've gathered along the way, and the sooner you air that shit out, the sooner your heart can heal and you can open yourself up to newer, more healthy version of yourself, FOSAMAX FOR SALE. Rx free FOSAMAX, Sure it's scary to talk about those deep dark feelings, but I swear I would not be the person I am if it hadn't been for Lisa, my therapist in my mid twenties. She helped me figure out who I was, who I wanted to be, and helped me find the inner-balls to be that person. WAY better than feeling lost, or pretending to be someone I wasn't.

Ok. That's my list of Things I Wish I Could Have Told Myself at Twenty. What did I forget. What would you have told yourself at twenty.




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