Today I bring to you, a project that I started working on several weeks ago. As you know, VERONAL no prescription, we've been making updates to our house via Box of Design, and I have been planning on finishing up a few sections of the living room to bring our redesign to the finish line. One such project that I was really unsure of was the daunting geometric feature wall.

When we first got our Box of Design, VERONAL price, Hillary included an awesome sketch of the living room and I was instantly in love with the pattern she's designed around our fire place. But once we got to paining our walls, I realized that we actually have really shitty textured walls, and they are a TOTAL BITCH to deal with, VERONAL duration. Our first rounds of paint led to lots of fighting, lots of blaming each other that "you paint like an idiot", Low dose VERONAL, and lots of edges that looked like this:

Stenciling a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes

So after that near-divorce-disaster, you can see why my dreams of a geometric pattern delicately stenciled across our fireplace suddenly seemed liked much too big an ask. It was likely going to turn out to be a drippy, running disaster-mess that would result in simply repainting the wall again.

But then I stumbled into a bit of advice about painting textured walls, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. And I realized that while a bit more labor intensive than plain walls, texture doesn't have to mean the death of your design dreams, buy VERONAL online no prescription. So I ordered my stencil, and got painting. VERONAL pharmacy, AND. IT. BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, LOOKS. FABULOUS.

So now I am sharing my technique with all of you, VERONAL from mexico.

Stenciling Your Stubborn Ass Textured Wall:

ONE: Buy Your Stencil.

There are loads of places out there that offer really cool stencils. I would suggest picking out your stencil before you even begin painting your walls, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. VERONAL australia, uk, us, usa,  We didn't do this and I wish we had because there are two kinds of stencils:

1) Negative Space Stencils (I totally am making up this word): this is a stencil that creates a pattern through the spaces that are NOT painted. For example:

Geometric Stencil - Negative

I loved this pattern, but this stencil here is created with the dark paint. Meaning that you begin with a white wall, buy no prescription VERONAL online, and paint the dark diamonds onto it, creating this pattern. Purchase VERONAL, We had already painted our walls dark grey, so this kind of stencil wouldn't work for us, unless we wanted to repaint the wall light grey first, and then stencil over it.

2) Positive Space Stencils (again, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, makin these names up as I go): These are stencils that create a pattern by painting that pattern directly onto your wall. BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, We wanted a dark grey background with a light grey pattern, and had already taken the liberty of painting the wall dark grey, so this was going to be the kind of stencil we needed. We ended up buying this one:

Positive Stencil

TWO: Prep Yo Shit.

I have white carpet. VERONAL images, Which I would like to personally thank whatever person decided to put white carpet in an apartment, cause it's cheap and it stains like crazy and if we don't get it washed once a year we look like we live in a dumpster. It also makes it VERY nerve wracking when you are painting with dark paint, cause one spill and you're screwed, buy VERONAL without a prescription. So drop clothes are your friend. I now own like seven, so if you live near me and want to borrow one, its all yours.

To prepare, you also want to collect all of the items you're going to need:

Mastering a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes

I bought a special foam roller that is made for "medium texture" because that is what is on my wall, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. The more texture on your wall, VERONAL blogs, the bigger and looser the foam part of the roller, allowing all that material to get in the nooks and crannies, and create a solid line.  I also bought those dense blue shop towels, where can i find VERONAL online, as you're going to need a super absorbent surface to use when blotting. I bought a "re-position-able" spray mount, Buy VERONAL from canada, which I was told was really important, and found that it really wasn't that crucial. So it's up to you if you wanna spring the $12 for it. BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Finally, you of course want to use a high quality paint.

Next, I took my stencil and MacGyvered a level onto the bottom of it. I only ended up using this for the first few passes (and also got it completely covered in paint) but I'd like to think that it help set me on the right direction in the beginning.

Stenciling a textured wall - Jenni Brown Writes

Now that you have your magical device all ready to go, about VERONAL, you should take your frog tape, and protect all the surfaces that you don't wanna get paint on. Purchase VERONAL for sale, I always get lazy on this step, cause I'm anxious to get painting already and end up with grey on my ceilings. If you look closely some of these photos Im sure you can see them. Lol.

Stenciling a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes

At this point I took the spray mount, online VERONAL without a prescription, and sprayed the back of my stencil. I was told that this would help it adhere to the wall, and prevent bleeding, but I don't know that it helped, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. I only did it once, VERONAL natural, and then skipped this step from then on. So, do it if ya wanna.

Stenciling Textured Walls - Jenni Brown Writes

Next, you need to align your stencil on your wall, where can i cheapest VERONAL online. They say that you should start in the center top of your largest wall, but of course I was like "I do what I want!" I started on the backside of my fireplace wall. Cheap VERONAL,  I wanted to be sure that if it looked like shit, I could cover it up. BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Also, I started at the top of the wall, toward the outside edge, because I didn't think I was going to be able to get more than one width of the stencil in that space. They give you this little half-stencil-piece so you can fill in all the extra space, but it involves aligning, real brand VERONAL online, and careful painting, and I took one look at that and was like:

So that didn't happen. Is VERONAL addictive,

THREE: Prep Yo Paint Roller.

Ok, so the big big big secret here is super simple: YOU WANT AS LITTLE PAINT ON YOUR ROLLER AS POSSIBLE.

That's it. That's the whole magic.

Because your wall is a little monster that is covered with dips and pits and crevices, if you give it a fully loaded roller, VERONAL photos, that paint is just going to be like college students on spring break - a shit show. You want to put the paint on the wall as thinly as possible, Australia, uk, us, usa, and in fine little layers.

So first, kiss your roller to the paint. I mean just a tiny bit.

Stenciling a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes


Stenciling a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes

Yea. Just like that.

Notice how the roller isn't even full coated, VERONAL maximum dosage. We like that.

Now, take the roller, VERONAL treatment, and roll it across the paper towel a few times. I know, you're thinking "but there's barely even paint on there to begin with!" But this is important. You want to do this until the paint isn't shiny anymore.

Stenciling a textured wall - Jenni Brown Writes


FOUR: Spackle it like butter on toast.

BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Now you're going to take one slow long pass down your wall. DO NOT PRESS HARD, VERONAL wiki. Think of barely spackling butter across bread. You are going to do that once, VERONAL recreational, and then repeat the whole process again: load roller > blot roller > lightly paint the wall. To get everything filled in, it took me as many as five to six passes.

Stenciling a textured wall - Jenni Brown Writes

You'll know you're good when all of the little divots have been filled in. Here's a close up to give you an idea of what that looks like:

Stenciling a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes

FIVE: Remove stencil and prep for the next pass.

From here, I caaaaaaaaaaaaarefully took off the stencil, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. If you've gone with thin enough coats of paint, VERONAL steet value, you shouldn't have a lot of bleeding. The lines are not completely crisp when you look up close, Get VERONAL, but from a regular distance, they look pretty good.

Stenciling a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes

Wait a few minutes for that to dry, and then reposition your stencil (who am I kidding. I waited like 4.2 seconds), VERONAL street price. I lined up the little rectangles to make sure that it was going to look right, and then used frog tape to keep the whole thing in place.

stenciling a textured wall - Jenni Brown Writes

repeat step four. over and over and over and over and over.

SIX: Aligning the corners

BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, And the end of this wall, I turned into the corner. Online buying VERONAL hcl, Basically, you just want to be sure that you're lining your pattern up and straight as possible. Again, I used the little rectangle thingies to make sure we were all straight.

Stenciling a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes

Then you just keep on going.

Step Four > Step Five > Step Six.

Repeat, VERONAL canada, mexico, india. Repeat Repeat.

I recommend a good audiobook while you work. You can learn things and hear stories and not notice when you're been painting for four hours and your fingernails are aching and you've got grey paint in your hair.

SEVEN: A few secrets.

One - my stencil got sticky after about every 6 chunks I finished. The paint would be kinda-dry-ish, and it would make for messier lines than I had started with, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. So I took my stencil out and washed ALL of the paint off. And the paint basically peeled of that thing like a sunburn. It took a while to get it back to clean, but because there were so many layers drying in phases, it did all come off. And once it did, and I restarted the process, I was able to get a much better looking line on the edge of the pattern.

Two - The human eye looooooves patterns. BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, We complete patterns that aren't even there, because our brains love them. Which is good news for you. Because if you're like me, at some point your pattern will be a little smaller and a little shorter than it should be in real life, and you'll hold up a ruler and realize that your stencil is actually really crooked.

But then you'll stand back and go "eh, looks fine from here" because your eyes WANT to see symmetrical things. So they lie to you. Awesome glorious lies.

We ended up completing our pattern, and then just hanging our pictures slightly crooked so they looked straight. You'd never know if I wouldn't have told you.


Living Room - 2

Urban Condo - 2


Stenciling a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes

Stenciling a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes

Stenciling a Textured Wall - Jenni Brown Writes

(See this was the picture we hung crooked. Can't even tell can ya?)

Ok, that's how it's done. Hope this inspires you to pull out the paint and get  busy on your own projects.






  1. Mira:

    Hi-Where did you buy your stencils? I’m having a hard time finding one as large as yours.



  2. Jenni:

    Hi Mira,

    I bought them at Cutting Edge Stencils. I love their stuff!



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